Why Buy a Used Chevrolet from Your Dealership?

buy a used car davis chevrolet
buy a used car davis chevrolet

Many people prefer buying a used car rather than a new one. Reasons include price, cost of insurance, and “all the bugs are worked out.” Since a new car depreciates the moment you drive it off the lot, buying a used car at the already-depreciated price makes a lot of sense.

Why Buy From Your Dealership?

There are a number of good reasons why car shoppers in Houston should buy a used Chevrolet from the dealership rather than from a private party or from a used car dealer.


When you buy a used Chevrolet from a Chevrolet dealer, it is highly possible that the car was purchased new from that dealership, maintained by the service department according to warranty standards, and then traded in on a new model. This means that the dealership has had a relationship with that car from day one. You can depend on the used Chevrolet being well maintained and a reliable source of transportation for many more miles.


Depending on the year of the car, there may still be some of the original warranty left. If not, many dealerships will extend a 90-day warranty on their used vehicles. You won’t get this from a private party, or from many used car dealers.

Continued Service

When you buy a used Chevrolet from your Chevrolet dealership, you can take advantage of the service department to keep your car running in tip-top shape for as long as you keep the car. Certified mechanics that specialize in working on Chevys will perform whatever work becomes necessary over the years to maintain your car. This includes routine maintenance, such as oil changes, transmission service, and little things, like new wiper blades.


With all of the internet scams going on the past few years, we’ve become aware that it isn’t always safe to try to purchase a used car from the web. When the seller wants to meet the potential buyer in an unpopulated place, bad things can and have happened. When you visit your Chevrolet dealership to shop for a used car, you know that you are safe on the dealership grounds. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see and test-drive any car you wish before you commit to buy.

Your friendly Chevrolet dealership in Houston, Texas, is Davis Chevrolet. We will be pleased to assist you in finding the perfect used Chevy that meets your needs.