What Will a VIN Number Tell You about Your Used Chevrolet?

Decode Chevy Vin

Be sure to pay attention to the VIN on your used Chevrolet before buying the vehicle. The VIN tells you everything you need to know about a car, from its body style and options to whether it has been in any serious accidents.

Interpreting Your Chevy’s VIN

The basic information in the VIN can be decoded to give you a complete description of any vehicle. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, and it is made up of 17 numbers and letters. The first three digits of the VIN let you know the make of your car, in this case Chevrolet, and where in the world it was made. Digits four through eight give you more specific information about the engine type, body, transmission, and safety features of your vehicle. The ninth digit just makes sure it is legitimate. Looking at the 10th digit will tell you the model year while the 11th lets you know at what plant the Chevy was manufactured. The last numbers are a specific production number.

Even mechanics don’t have all of the various codes memorized, so most dealerships and service centers will keep a list on hand for each of the major automakers. You can also enter the VIN online on any number of websites, which will tell you exactly what the various digits say about your Chevrolet.

Using Your Chevy’s VIN to Find More

The VIN for a used Chevrolet truly comes in handy when you want to verify that the vehicle is what the seller says it is. You can use it to determine that the description matches the car being sold. You can then use the VIN to look up the vehicle history report, which will let you know about any red flags, such as a salvage title or a vehicle being reported as stolen. Because of this, it is crucial to look up the VIN for a vehicle when buying your used Chevy from an individual.

When you buy a used Chevrolet from Davis Chevrolet in Houston, Texas, our friendly team will gladly go over the VIN with you and even help you get the vehicle history report so you don’t have to worry about anything.